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What? What do you mean Romance isn’t for everyone?

Cupid gets a lot of attention today! It’s Valentine’s Day. In a conversation online recently I was shocked to read that some people, (who will remain nameless) prefer less romance in their reading. What? This I just could not understand. I mean, what?

Then I got to thinking, okay so there are different personalities and not everyone is romantic, you know, there are those logical, practical ones out there, but for this gal, I need romance. Not just for the sake of romance, but I am fascinated by the interaction of two people who have a connection and are exploring said connection. If you do like romance, then you have come to the right place. I like my romance with a large serving of humour and laughter. I also have a weakness for the bitter-sweet stories, much like I like my chocolate.

So today, since it is Valentine’s day, I thought I would share some of my favorite reads with romance in them for you – in no particular order:


Three lovely romances here to chose from in the Historical Fiction Genre. There are MANY MORE, but I picked these because the Regina Jennings books incorporate humour and I love that. I truly believe couples need to laugh together, it helps, you know, when you get older. Life is crazy and sometimes you just have to laugh, or you’ll cry.

Sixty Acres and a Bride, by Regina Jennings, is the story of a cowboy and Rosa, a feisty Mexican lady who has recently lost her husband. When their worlds and cultures collide, sparks fly. (READ FULL REVIEW HERE)

For The Record, is a brand new release by Regina Jennings and I was laughing out loud through this one! The journalist in me appreciated all the shenanigans Betsy gets herself caught up in and then there is Deputy Puckett to set her straight, or does he set him askew? (READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE)

Never Forget, by Jody Hedlund, has some funny moments, but this tale is heart-wrenching, but beautiful and I still have Book Hangover from this book. So much so that I have been stalling writing up a full review on it, because I just want to do it justice! So beautiful, tragic and very different, and unpredictable. I like unpredictable. Full Review to come soon!

Then, if you want some more:

Not By Sight, by Kate Breslin is set in Britain in 1917 during WWI.

Check out my review



First of all, I LOVED this novella and it is a quick and delightful read. (Especially when you need a warm destination to read about! Belize everyone!) There’s snow outside here.



Now, there are many  more books I could post for this genre, but I am going to pick the ones that were most memorable to me. Here we go!


And then, you gotta know about these amazing reads by Nicole Deese too.

Nicole Deese books that you must read

You can read more about what I thought about each book here:


Five Days in Skye

A Cliche’ Christmas*

(*gasp! I forgot to post my review!)

A Season to Love

A Promise of Rayne

The Things We Knew

I have read every single one of these books that I have recommended here.

There are many more I can add, such as the Irish Meadows Series by Susan Anne Mason, (Historical Fiction) and The Painter’s Daughter, by Julie Klassen. All of these are amazing books which include Romance. Each one has a unique journey to love, some fall hard and fast, some take the long way around the wilderness to find their promised land in romance.

Susan Anne Mason's Trilogy

So go ahead! Peruse this smattering of my favourite reads and I hope that today you find a nice romantic read to snuggle up to today on Valentine’s day! ENJOY!


Do you like romance in your reading, or do you like to do without it?

 Comment below.

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Sixty Acres and a Bride

For the Record

Never Forget

Irish Meadows

Five Days in Skye

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