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Sixty Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings

She’s Finally Found a Place to Call Home . . . How Far Will She Go to Save It?

” You add one woman to the table, and the dining room explodes with noise.” – Sixty Acres and  a Bride by Regina Jennings


Sixty Acres and A Bride. Love this cover and I was curious about what this book is about, but let me explain: If you know me a little bit, you may know this about me: I NEVER READ THE SYNOPSIS. Ever….seriously, I want to be surprised by the story. It is kind of like when you watch a movie trailer and you think, “Well, after that I don’t need to go see the movie.”  So, I limit my reading of the back cover. If I can get away without doing it, I will. SO: how does that apply to reading Sixty Acres and a Bride by Reginna Jennings? Only after reading part of the way through did I realize the parallel between a certain biblical story of two women caught in the same situation. This made it even more of a fun read! A nice little surprise if you will. If you are one of those who read the synopsis,you would have ruined the surprise, I was delighted! Regina Jennings tells the story is such a way that one moment I was laughing, next moment I was biting my nails!

I loved Rosa, and when I read her dialogue, I was hearing Penelope Cruz’s beautiful accent in my head.  This book had me laughing out loud in some spots, and oh man, some parts I was at the edge of my seat! There is a certain nasty character who tries to make Rosa’s life miserable, but oh boy, the man who tries to protect her is Weston.

What I loved most about this book is how both Rosa and Weston feel that they are undeserving of love, and I can relate to that. This story was a strong parallel to me of how often times we feel the same way, but God is always there to love us with a ferocious and jealous love. Rosa has left her family and home country to follow her mother-in-law, having been rejected by her own family because of her newfound Christian Faith.

The Garner family are full of interesting characters and I look forward to spending more time with them in book #2 & #3.




Regina Jennings is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University with a degree in English. She is the author of Sixty Acres and a Bride, Love in the Balance, Caught in the Middle, A Most Inconvenient Marriage, At Love’s Bidding, and contributed a novella to both With This Ring? and A Match Made in Texas. She and her family make their home in Oklahoma City. Regina can be found online at

I bought this book on Amazon, because I enjoyed “For The Record” by Regina Jennings so much. My opinion is my own

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