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Her Texas Family by Jill Lynn

Jill Lynn Buteyn is a co-author of Just Show Up with Kara Tippetts, and an author of inspirational romance (as Jill Lynn). Her latest release, Her Texas Family, is available now. Jill lives near the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband and two children. She’s a fan of laughter, thrift stores, boots and chocolate.

Jill has graciously provided a copy of her book for giveaway so be sure to scroll right down to the end.

Her Texas Family

Occasionally I just want a really fun, quick (and swoony) read. I am quite picky about which Love Inspired books I read, my criteria: 1. I know the author or 2. Have it recommended to me by someone I trust. In this case, it was #2 on the criteria list which happened to get me to hunt down this book on Amazon. Now, I had seen the cover floating around the internet, so it did already catch my beady book eyes, but let me just say, I fell in love with Lucy Grayson almost immediately. I mean, who doesn’t love a girl who is not afraid to climb trees — heels and all? The reason for the tree climb, to find a cell phone signal, now tell me who hasn’t done that before? Her Texas Family was a fun read, with lots of twists and turns in the plot to keep me on my toes and I loved it.

Enter handsome, if not grumpy at times, Dr. Graham Redmond and his daughter—both grieving the loss of a loved one, his wife, and her mother. Millie immediately takes to Lucy and I loved the scene where she overrides Graham’s overprotective nature. Lucy teaches Dance lessons (ballet), aside from temporarily working at the doctor’s office, yes, the same Dr. Richmond’s office. The first day in the office proves that their working relationship is not without disagreements and conflict, but they work it out. Until things start to get complicated.

Graham has decided he is never going to remarry. Lucy is a spontaneous, bubbly and lovable girl (Graham called her “flighty”) who wants to teach him how to lighten up, and rediscover how to enjoy life a little. She has a crush on the handsome doctor and knows there is no place in his life for a wife. Millie was like a mini adult, far too serious. Lucy quickly does all she can to help coax a giggle or a laugh from her and they become fast friends, even if Millie’s grandparents do not approve, at all.

In a small town, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, Graham’s in-laws make their disapproval of Lucy clear.  Graham has to resolve things with them, juggle his medical practice and do his best as a single dad. And then, there’s Lucy who turns his world Topsy turvy. He does not stand a chance.

Mattie is as much of a character in this story as Graham and Lucy are, she changes the dynamic and throws a wrench in otherwise simple decisions. (Spoiler alert: I loved reading their journey from strangers to being much more, a family) or


Need a summer poolside read, Jill’s Her Texas Family (Love Inspired)  is for you.

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I bought this book on Amazon, and my opinions are my own. Loved every minute of it.

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