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Jill Lynn Talks About Her Texas Family

Q: When you are writing, what treat do you like to keep you going? Coffee or Chocolate?
Jill: Yes. I love coffee, though I recently switched to decaf since it was making me jittery. (Wahhh.) Chocolate is a favorite—I love the Dairymilk caramel chocolate. But if I’m trying to be healthy and snack, I usually grab baby carrots.

Q: Tell me about why/how you chose the genre you write in and what about it appeals to you?
Jill: I was reading romances long before I ever thought about writing one. I love love stories, and I love to laugh. So to me, combining those two things and hopefully bringing that kind of enjoyment into a reader’s life makes me happy. I love knowing I can depend on a happily ever after. The world is full of hard stuff, and if we can escape into the pages of a book for just a little bit, that’s a gift.

Q: If you were to pick one character out of your books that could materialize and become a real live person, a friend, who would it be and why. I know you wrote a book with Kara Tippetts, this one is so different.
Jill: Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Without a doubt! She’s from Her Texas Family. She is the total opposite of me. She’s impetious and full of life. Kind of mess (that part is like me). I definitely think we would be friends and she would probably make my life way more fun.

Q:What was the hardest scene to write in Her Texas Family?
Jill: For me the hardest scene to write is the ending. I work so hard to make the characters getting together realistic and not overly-cheesy—and I want them to stay true to who they are. My characters are usually sarcastic (don’t know where they get that from!) and often tease each other or joke around. I want to make the ending sweet and worth the read, but at the same time, I want that sense of them still being who they are.
little extra on this one—I think the scene I had the most fun writing in Her Texas Family was the one where Lucy snatches Graham’s daughter. That one just rolled onto the page and had me laughing and falling for her.

Q: Please give me one fun fact about yourself that readers may not know.
Jill: I am organizationally challenged. I tend to be the last mom at school to know what’s going on and when. Friends who know this about me will text me things that are happening because it’s likely I don’t have a clue. I’ll even admit this to teachers at the beginning of the school year, assuming it’s better if everyone knows the truth right at the start.


This was fun!

I love to connect with readers!






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