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Among the Fair Magnolias

Four Southern Love Stories (Available July 17, 2015)

When I choose this book to read, I was familiar with Tamera Alexander and not with the other authors, Dorothy Love, Shelley Gray and Elizabeth Musser. It was a joy for me to meet them through their words in this novella collection.

Among the Fair Magnolias is a collection of Southern stories, set in times gone by. Tamera Alexanders’ To Mend a Dream is a delightful story of Savannah Darcy who is on a covert search for something her deceased father left in their Nashville home which is now owned by another man, Mr. Bedford. He gets in her way in more ways than one. A delightful read and you will fall in love with Savannah and want to read more of her story. (Watch out for author interview with Tamera Alexander coming soon)

Dorothy Love’s  A Heart so True is set in Pawley’s island and is the story of Abigail Clayton who has a love for going out on rather questionable rowing boats into alligator infested waters. Which leads to trouble….not only putting her in physical danger, but jeopardizing the future of her heart also. She loves Dr. Wade Bennett but her father insists she marries a man she does not love.

Shelley Gray’s An Outlaw is the story of Russel Andrew Champion who returns home to see his mother for one last time before he moves on…..or so he thinks. He does not expect his long lost sweetheart to be there, and not only that, for her to be available. Their story is tender and sweet but not without heart-wrenching struggle.

Elizabeth Musser’s story, Love Beyond Limits is not all about butterflies and warm feelings, it is a story that cuts close to a nerve but highlights the fact that love is sometimes found in the most unexpected places among hardships and injustice. Emily’s story is one that will linger with you long after you have read the final word.

I enjoyed all of the stories, I think it would be impossible to pick a favorite because each of them appealed to me in a different way. I think you will find something in each of them that will stay with you long after the last page has been turned.

Available July 17, 2015

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