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A Worthy Heart

Susan Anne Mason does it again! A Worthy Heart is the second book in the Courage To Dream series and a fitting continuation of the O’ Leary and Montgomery’s story begun in book 1 (Irish Meadows) This was another beautifully written historical novel and yes, I had a hard time putting it down. What a delightful read and in some spots I just could not read fast enough to find out what was going to happen next.

“You’re not a bad man. If you were, I’d be afraid of you.”

The Courage to Dream series continues with the second book, A Worthy Heart by Susan Anne Mason released earlier this year. Before I go any further, let me just say that the covers on these books are stunning. If you don’t believe me, look at the first book’s cover.

In the last book we got to know Rylan Montgomery and we briefly met Maggie when Rylan went back to Ireland to … well I do not want to spoil anything by giving you too much of the story, but in this book we meet Maggie. In this book Maggie comes to America with her brother, Gabe to make a new start and she meets Adam, the black sheep of the O’Leary family. Adam is trying to get his life back on track after being released from prison and Maggie is trying to escape Neill Fitzgerald and his unwanted attention. She believes she has left him behind in Ireland, but her proves to be more stubborn that she first thought. Maggie’s brother, Gabe has come to America with his sister but plans on returning after the summer, well…something, or someone thwarts his plans.

Along the way the O’Leary’s and Montgomery families must come to terms with family secrets and struggles too long hidden. Will Adam O’Leary’s secret tear the family apart or bring it back together? Amid the struggles the family face while running the orphanage, we see courage emerge and love prevail, but it does not come easily.

If I were to pick a favourite character in this book it would be Adam O’Leary. And by the time you turn the last page I hope you will agree.


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