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From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden

Today, you get two the price of one. Well, more accurately, two reviews in one spot. I have been a fan of Elizabeth Camden ever since I read Against the Tide a few years ago. Let’s face it, her covers are stunning.  I loved Summer Dreams: A  From This Moment novella (which by the way is free on Kindle at the moment). We meet Clyde Brixton, and cousins  Evelyn and Romulus White. 

Then, I went straight into reading From This Moment because of #teamromulus of course.

Her next release  To the Farthest Shores is next and is in my teetering “to be read” pile.

From This Moment is full of skullduggery and there is a murder to solve. We get to know Romulus’s story (swoon) and find out more about Clyde. 

The whole murder mystery thing had me on edge, but unlike some other suspense mysteries, this one has plenty of romance to make this little reader happy. Although there is plenty of suspense, mystery and plot twists, I loved itI think I chewed a nail or two. Phwew! 

The book is set in Boston and I love how Elizabeth Camden brings the city alive. I love it, even more, when I learn more about the history of a place through a story. In this case, I learned more about the construction of the subway system in Boston, this book starts in March 1897.

Anyway, I found Romulus to be charming and wonderfully unique, yet somewhat insecure. 

I’d suggest though that you too read the novella first. It really is good to know their backstory. 



Summer of Dreams (FREE KINDLE VERSION)

From This Moment


Do you like your suspense WITH or WITHOUT romance?

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