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After A Fashion

After a Fashion by Jen Turano is one of the best books I have read. Period. I received an ARC copy and I am pleased to be able to review it. It is a Historical Fiction Novel, published in 2015 by Bethany House Publishers.

Harriet Peabody is a hat maker and seamstress at a milliner shop and is tasked with delivering some fine hats to an extremely wealthy customer and his temperamental fiance. A simple errand. What could go wrong? From the first page, things start to unravel and don’t stop until the end. This book is a page turner and there were places where I was giggling helplessly at the antics Harriet and her companions. Harriet and business man, Oliver Addleshaw have quite an adventure in this book and I enjoyed the fact that the end was not predictable. There were plot twists everywhere and I was kept guessing all the way to the last page. I have a strong notion that you will fall in love with these characters just as much as I have and I look forward to the book that follows on from this one.

I don’t give books 5 stars lightly, but I did give this one 5 stars. Five for enjoyment and cheer entertainment value, as well as being exceptionally well written. Jen Turano is a talented author and I highly recommend this book.

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  • Susan Mason

    This sounds like a great read! I’m not sure if I’ve read any of Jen’s or not, Maybe her first book!
    Have to put her on my must read list!