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When I Write, I Need to Read

I have a rule:

When I write, I don’t read.

That used to be my rule, now I have changed it.

When I write, I need to read.

As a writer, I still do not want what I happen to be reading at the time to influence my writing.  I choose what I read carefully. Now, I write all day and then to relax my mind, I read at night. It is my way of refreshing my brain.

I have another rule: (This one I will never change!)

Try to read books written by people you have met or at least have some sort of interaction with. So that might mean that I have met the author in person, or it may mean that I have have a “tweetversation” with them or a facebook message or some sort of interaction. In other words, they are not just some stranger whose photo appears on the back of the book. They have become a real person to me and that adds a dimension to reading that I appreciate.

With these two rules in mind I am going to be sharing my choices for reading and with each list I will include a little bit about the author.

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Melony Teague is a Freelance Writer and Columnist who lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The Biographer for Portraits of Giving (2014-2016), Aurora Sports Hall of Fame (2015 -2017) and teaches seniors in her community how to write their personal story.

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