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Whispers in the Reading Room

This is the first “Chicago Wold’s Fair Mystery” that I have read by Shelley Gray.

This book has a bit of mystery, a touch of romance and a lot of friendship in it and I found this book to be thoroughly refreshing! It was not at all what I expected and the plot was in no way predictable.(I like that)

This Historical Fiction mystery is set in Chicago, in 1893. Lydia Bancroft is a librarian at a reading room where she is distracted by the handsome patron that has been frequenting the establishment without a word.

At first their admiration of each other is from afar, in silence. Lydia is engaged and has no business noticing the handsome man who loves books as much as she does. Her fiance would not approve and neither would her mother who is trying to marry her well so that she can save them from financial ruin.

Through twists and turns in the plot we find out how one moment can change the course of the future forever. Loyalty and friendship are explored in this book in Mr. Mark’s employees, Mr. Hunt and Miss Bridget who keep his secrets.

I had a hard time putting this book down, but life interrupts our reading sometimes. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and aside from the top notch entertainment value, I found Mr. Marks fascinating despite his mysterious past.

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Shelley also contributed to Among the Fair Magnolias Novella collection

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