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Playing The Part by Jen Turano

I cannot lie! I was over-the-moon excited to read this final book in the series and I could not wait for it to become available. That being said, I was also sad to see the series end, but I was determined to enjoy the last installment nonetheless. I was not disappointed.

If you have read any of Jen Turano’s books you will know they are guaranteed to give you a few laugh-out-loud moments! Playing the Part was no exception. This book tells Lucetta Plum’s story and honestly, just when you think all the craziness has happened, there is more! Lucetta finds herself in all sorts of situations while trying to be incognito because she is hiding from the hideous and slightly insane Silas Ruff who is an admirer who has gotten out of control. Lucetta flees New York and finds refuge in the strange looking Ravenwood castle, where she must hide.

Abigail Hart has not given up on her matchmaking schemes and although she is bent on getting Lucetta “settled” by the end of the book there are some interesting and unforeseen events which I don’t want to spoil for you. But, if you have read about Millie Longfellow (In Good Company) and Miss Harriet Peabody (After a Fashion) then you will absolutely love the closing scene of this book.

To say that there are ‘shenanigans afoot’ in this book is probably a little bit of an understatement! Jen weaves together humor with some serious themes in which Lucetta comes to terms with some past issues along the way, including and not limited to, the strained relationship with her own mother and stepfather.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what this gifted and talented author will bring to our bookshelves next. Jen Turano is on my Top 10 author list! (I admit it)

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