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A Refuge at Highland Hall

It is always bittersweet to come to the end of a series, but in this case, it was sweet because this book is almost like a reunion of all the characters we have met and fallen in love with in the first two books. A Refuge at Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky is a fitting and feel good ending to the Edwardian Brides trilogy.

Penny Ramsey travels to London to help her sister, Kate with the orphan children she and her husband Jon have taken in. There Ales meets Jon’s friend Alex Goodwin wh ois a Royal Naval Air Service Pilot who is recovering from a mild in jury when, to his embarrassment, he misjudged a landing.

It is World War I and London is in danger, the German Zeppelins pose an enormous threat to the innocent civilians whom Alex has enlisted to protect and this becomes particularly personal when Penny, Kate and the Children, along with Alex find themselves having to take refuge in the basement on a terrifying night when London is under attack.  The decision is made that Penny, Kate and the children must take refuge at Highland Hall and Alex goes off to war to protect the innocent.

Through a series of events involving heroics, pain and conflict, Alex finds himself broken in body and spirit at Highland Hall, and it’s welcoming walls become his refuge and place of healing.

I think this might be my favourite book of the series, just because Carrie brought this time period and the challenges of war to life. I have a greater understanding of what the veterans went through to fight for our freedom and it fills me with gratitude.

As this series draws to a close if you have not already read, The Governess of Highland Hall, and The Daughter of Highland Hall, I encourage you to do so. I loved this series and it is definitely one of those you keep on your self to read again and again.

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Q & A with Carrie Turansky: Carrie talks about A Refuge at Highland Hall

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review which I have provided with pleasure!

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