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The Lost Heiress

The Lost Heiress is the first book by Roseanna M. White that I have read. I did not know what to expect, but if the cover was anything to go by, I expected it to be good and I was pleasantly surprised. It was most interesting to me to find out that R. M. White wrote the first draft of this book when she was a young teenager. Don’t let that deter you, this is a great read and has been updated since the original manuscript was written. I am glad Roseanna White did not give up on this story and that it is now in print for us to enjoy!

In the book, The Lost Heiress, Brook Eden has grown up mourning the mother she never knew and the home she left as an infant in circumstances shrouded in tragedy, in secret and with circumstances which remain a mystery to her. All she has left of her heritage is a necklace from her mother and a bundle of old letters. The lady who raised her, Collette, an opera singer, is not her mother and the man she calls “Grand-pere” is not her real grandfather, but he is Prince Albert, the reigning monarch of Monaco.

Although she has a home in Monte Carlo, Brook feels like she does not truly belong there. Brooke Eden yearns to know more about her lost family and origins and asks her dearest friend, Justin Wildon, (Lord Harlow) to help her find them. This one decision begins an adventure that neither of them expects, both geographically and emotionally. Will they be able to sort out their differences in time to stand together against the greed and evil intentions directed specifically towards Brooke and those she loves?

Brook and Justin’s story is engaging, exciting and the addition of humour is delightful. Their story includes mystery, murder, lies and intrigue as well as a search for truth, forgiveness, belonging and true love— all of which most of us can relate to (without the murder and mystery part).

As much as I loved this story, I really hope book #2 in the Ladies of the Manor Series is all about a certain gentleman whom Brook calls, “Brice.”


Release Date: September 8, 2015

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Look out for book #2, The Reluctant Duchess to follow in April 2016


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