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Jill Lynn Talks about The Rancher’s Unexpected Baby

Q & A: Jill Lynn – The Person Behind the Pen

Book: The Rancher’s Unexpected BabyToday I welcome the one and only fabulous Jill Lynn to my humble blog. Jill knows this, but I can share this little secret with you: When a Jill Lynn book arrives in the mail, I drop everything and read. That’s how much I love her stories and her style of writing. The Rancher’s Unexpected Baby was no exception and I think Hudson may have almost stolen the show in this one! s

I have some burning questions for Jill, so without further ado:

Thank you so much! You are such an encouragement to me! <3

Q: Hudson sure is a cutie! He was so real that I wanted to kiss his chubby little cheeks and give him a cuddle. Where did you get your inspiration for him as a character from?

Jill: I love that! Hudson is made up from lots of different sources. My son was definitely a more chill baby, so I used pieces of that experience. I watched videos online and asked questions of friends to remind me what that stage is like. And then I was careful not to have Hudson too advanced with talking—after all he’s gone through, I thought he could easily not be saying words yet when other babies his age might be. So I guess he’s a hodgepodge!

Q: Without giving too much away, which scene did you have the most fun with in the story?

Jill: Hmm. Well, there’s a scene in Gage’s kitchen that was quite fun to write. There might be some lip-locked involved. 🙂

Q: Emma and Gage both have issues they need to get over to get to their happily ever after. Which one of the two is the most stubborn and gave you the most trouble as a character?

Jill: Oh, good question! I want to say Gage because he’s the obvious choice. He’s so hard on himself after his failed marriage. But Emma has her own streak of stubbornness because she’s so good to everyone else and struggles with taking care of herself. I’m going to go with Gage but only by a hair. 😊

Q: Are there more stories in the pipeline for these Ranchers and/or the guest farm?

Jill: Yes! There’s a third book in this series that will be out September 2019. It’s currently being titled, and I can’t wait to share that news with my readers! It will be Mackenzie and Jace’s story, and the two of them definitely take the cake when it comes to stubborn. Yowza. 😉

Thanks so much for giving us the inside scoop! I know the readers are going to love this one! It was probably my favorite so far. Thank you for a wonderful read. —- Melony.

Jill: Aw, that makes me so happy to hear! I loved writing this one, so thanks for loving it with me!

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