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Catherine West


INSPY Award-winning author Catherine West writes stories of hope and healing from her island home in Bermuda. When she’s not at the computer working on her next story, you can find her taking her Border Collie for long walks or tending to her roses and orchids. She and her husband have two grown children. Catherine’s latest novel, Bridge of Faith, is now available on Amazon.

Q: When you are writing, what treat do you like to keep you going?
Cathy: I would love to say coffee AND chocolate, but I have to be careful with the chocolate as it is one of the things that can trigger migraines for me. I know, it’s sad.  But I do drink a lot of coffee. I also like to keep roasted almonds on hand for snacking. Yum!

Q: Tell me about why/how you chose the genre you write in and what about it appeals to you?
Cathy: I tend to write books like the ones I’d read. Big, family saga dramas, with romance. I like to have a bit of intrigue in the story as well, but the romance is really important. My stories offer the reader hope, and usually deal with forgiveness, reconciliation, grace and redemption. I’d say anyone who enjoys general fiction, women’s fiction, as well as romance, would probably enjoy my books.

Q: If you were to pick one character out of your books that could materialize and become a real live person, a friend, who would it be and why?
Cathy: Ah, that’s a pretty hard question! I’ll say Kristin Taylor, from Yesterday’s Tomorrow. I think she’s incredibly brave and feisty, and I think we’d get along well.  I’d love to pick her brain about what it was like to cover the Vietnam War.

Q: What do you do to get into “the zone” when you are writing? Do you listen to music, or go for a walk?
Cathy: Sometimes I have music playing, but I usually prefer to work in silence. It really depends on where I am in the process. When I’m in the middle of a story, I’m always thinking about, no matter where I am! It’s like a movie that plays continuously in my head, with new scenes,
until I get to the end! Since I don’t tend to plot very well, this method seems to work best for me. I may make notes as I go, but generally I tend to write the story out from start to finish, and then I’ll go back in and fix plot problems, etc …

Q: Please give me one fun fact about yourself that readers may not know.
Cathy: People are always surprised to hear that I was born and raised in Bermuda, and still live here. Bermuda is a British Colony, about 700 miles off the coast of South Carolina. While we still enjoy our British heritage, we’re heavily influence by the US. It’s a small island, but very beautiful, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

Q: Is there anything you would like to include?
Cathy: Readers can watch for more books from me in the future, as I’m now publishing with Harper Collins Christian Publishing/Thomas Nelson! I’m very excited about this, and you can expect my first release with them in July 2016.














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Melony Teague is the co-author of As the Ink Flows: Devotions to Inspire Christian Writers & Speakers

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Melony Teague is a Freelance Writer and Columnist who lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The Biographer for Portraits of Giving (2014-2016), Aurora Sports Hall of Fame (2015 -2017) and teaches seniors in her community how to write their personal story.


  • Katie Edgar

    I think it gets harder to accept love as we get older and live through more things that hurt and disappoint us and we are constantly bombarded with media messages that we can never live up to.

  • Susan Anne Mason

    Hi Cathy & Mel!
    What great timing! Congratulations, Cathy, on being a finalist in the Grace Awards!! That’s great. Looking forward to reading more of your books!

  • Samantha

    I believe we have a hard time accepting love when we don’t feel we deserve it, because it comes against our will fro justice. We tend to want everything to be fair and if someone makes a mistake we can choose to turn our back on him or her. When we feel we are very flawed, we tend to refuse the love people and God are offering us, because we don’t feel we deserve it and we turned our back on ourselves, thinking our wrong can’t be righted. Only it’s important, especially when talking about God’s unconditional love, that through Christ we become clean and in His image we should forgive and love the ones who’ve wronged us, including ourselves.

  • Catherine West

    Thanks for having me on the blog, Mel. Enjoying reading everyone’s thoughts! Forgiveness is always a huge part of the books I write. Not all my characters find it easy – kind of like us I guess! But God’s amazing grace covers all sin and if we allow ourselves to look in the mirror through His eyes, I believe healing is possible.

  • Karen R

    Good question! Maybe it’s hard to believe the sincerity of the person offering it since we feel unworthy. Or thinnk there’s a “catch”. Maybe we sometimes want to BE worthy enough first, so we can receive it and reciprocate. Thank God for His love and grace! Thank you for doing a givaway. Have heard good things about this author. 🙂

  • Trixi O.

    Because maybe we feel we are somehow unlovable to another person, probably for reasons we don’t even understand ourselves. That’s a thought provoking question that’s hard for me to have an answer for! I’d really have to reflect more on this 🙂

  • Brenda Murphree

    I believe we have a hard time accepting that someone loves us or cares for us because maybe we’ve been hurt by a person that’s supposed to really care for us. Then we may look at other people and think well if the person that was supposed to love me and he or she done this or that this other person surely can’t care for me. We have lots of bumps or bruises by the time we get a few years on us.

  • Joyce Heartwings

    Melony, thank you so much for your delightful interview with Cathy. She is a new author for me and I am definitely looking forward to reading her books! Joyce – Heart”wings”

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