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    Find A Home in a Book

    Fiction has a way of transporting us out of our everyday lives into the lives of living characters on a page. You know the feeling? That sigh of contentment when you get to the end of a good book and blink a few times before thinking, “It’s over. Now what?” My aim is to create stories that will make you laugh and help you escape the challenges you face in life. Life is hard, and we need to laugh. We need to find joy within the pages of a good book. And it’s my privilege to work at putting those kinds of stories on to the page. Stay tuned.

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    Make yourself at home and have a look around I love connecting with my readers and fellow writers. There is nothing I enjoy more than curling up with a good book, and so you’ll find book reviews if you are looking for something to read. I also love interacting with the writing community. Connect with me on Twitter: @melonyteague