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Carol Underhill talks about Angelica’s Christmas Wish

Today I have Carol Underhill as my guest. She’s chatting about her Christmas novella. Welcome, Carol.

Q: Where is your novella set?

Carol: Angelica’s Christmas Wish is set in Chicago.

Q: What is your favorite part about Christmas and does it show up in the novella?

Carol: We took our children to a candlelight Christmas Eve service one year. It was a very peaceful, meaningful service as we passed our light from one candle to the next. I incorporated this service into the story.

Q: Tell me about your main characters.

Carol: Serena lost her husband and daughter in a tragic car accident. She has come to Chicago to start a new job and put the painful past behind her. Mark’s wife died in premature labor. He lives with his precocious daughter and his former mother-in-law. It is natural for him to want to protect Serena, as she has no one else to look out for her.

Q: What is the oddest or most fun gift you have ever received?

Carol: One year my mom and dad didn’t have much money, so they tried to make the gifts fun. I opened a gift with mismatched socks. I was confused until I opened another gift with their mates. I don’t remember many Christmas gifts from childhood, but that one stands out as one of the best.

Q: If you have cats or dogs, tell us how they react to the putting up of the Christmas tree. I have cats and they bat the ornaments off. Every. Day.

Carol: The cats are fascinated with it. They like to sit under it. They knock the ornaments off and play with them, so we don’t put any breakable ones near the bottom of the tree. Our dog doesn’t seem to care one way or the other about the tree.

Q: What are you working on now?

Carol: My current work is set on a lake in Northern Michigan. Grace has spent the past few months in surgeries and therapy as she recovered from an accident caused by her twin sister’s recklessness. It left her with a scar on her face that makes her want to hide. Nate is working on his third novel. He can’t come up with a vision for his hero’s love interest until he becomes acquainted with the woman next door.

Thank you, Carol, for popping by!



When Serena Cole sees a car careening toward a little girl, she jumps in to save the child with no thought for her own safety. Later, Serena wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. Everyone calls her a hero, but she doesn’t recall anything—not even her name.

Mark Harper, the child’s widowed father, isn’t looking for romance, but the beautiful stranger who saved his daughter’s life captures his interest. But when no one steps up to identify her, he brings her home with him. He doesn’t realize that his decision may make his daughter’s Christmas wish come true.


One of five siblings raised on a farm, Carol has a large extended family. She attended a little country church where she learned Bible verses and songs that have stuck with her for life. She has three adult children who inspire her to chase her dreams. Her household includes a spoiled black Lab and several rescued cats. Her favorite things are reading, spending time with family and listening to music. She likes quiet mornings with a cup of hazelnut coffee.


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Twitter: @underhill7

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Melony Teague is a Freelance Writer and Columnist who lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The Biographer for Portraits of Giving (2014-2016), Aurora Sports Hall of Fame (2015 -2017) and teaches seniors in her community how to write their personal story.