Thoughtful Thursday and Book Hangovers

I have to admit, this first Thursday of April snuck up on me! I forgot it was Thursday until 10 am came around and then I was like, “Wait? Is it Thurday? Thursday? Panic!”

So here I am with a panic induced blog post!

The question I always ask my guests, and today that would be myself, and my book blogger pals is this:

What has been dominating your thoughts lately?

Well to be quite honest, a whole lot of things, but since I have to only pick one, I will pick this: Book Hangovers.

It is a real thing! If you have never had a book hangover, then let me explain. When you turn the last page of a book and you look around in a daze. You wail because the book is finished, and celebrate because you loved it so much, all at the same time.

If you don’t think this is a real thing, then I will present proof. I asked some of my fellow review readers and book bloggers to explain their own experiences with book hangovers.

Carrie from ReadingIsMySuperPower said:”Book hangover is most definitely a real thing. Just read The Lady and The Lionheart by Joanne Bischof and you’ll know exactly what a book hangover is 😀

Rachel, from Bookworm Mama said, “The Lady and the Lionheart is probably my most severe “Book Hangover” to date. So much so that I went 2 FULL DAYS without picking up another book….And when I did pick up a book to read….It was The Lady and the Lionheart….I read a few chapters and finally was able to move on. A Book Hangover to me is when a book resonates so deeply in my soul that it embodies every aspect of my emotions and I just can’t move on. I need to linger, to let it soak. To let the words embed themselves in my heart. This is one of my favorite things about reading Christian Fiction, because the message in these stories ring with such truth and life…that they have the ability to speak to you, change you, influence you to grow closer to God.”

Beth from Faithfully Bookish shared her experience with book hangovers: “For me a book hangover doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t pick up another book because I am usually reading more than one anyway. Stories that stick with me and linger in my reader heart long after I read that last page make me feel compelled to tell everyone about them. I know my book blogger friends and I share several favorites so I am going to give a resounding AMEN for those and add just one more. The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection knocked my socks off and blessed my heart. I was hugging the book and ugly crying happy tears at the end, I can’t (and honestly don’t want to) stop thinking about this story. Profound or personally moving stories that find a permanent home in my heart earn book hangover status.”


Now it would not be fair if we did not give you a list of such books so that you too can experience this wonderful experience for yourself! Oh I love the wonderful world of Fiction!

Their list of BOOK HANGOVER BOOKS is as follows:

The Lady and the Lionheart, Umblemished, Newton & Polly, Message in a Bottle Romance Collection, and my addition, Just the Way You Are

I have read all of these and can concur, but I am going to add one more, and it is not even out yet!

Unraveling! I just finished it and now have a book hangover all because of Sara Ella! (love her!) You can pre-order it already!

Happy Book Hangovers folks! See for yourselves, and COME BACK and let us know if you too had a book hangover?

ALSO, LET US KNOW any book not listed here that you had a book hangover from. (Comment below)




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7 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday and Book Hangovers”

  1. ahahahahaha!! Your pic, Mel!!! I love!

  2. Rachel D says:

    I love this!!!!! Thanks Mel!

  3. reenactment of the true story! hehe!

  4. Beth Erin says:

    A Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham, The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green, and Lori Benton’s The Pathfinders series are hangover books for me too!

  5. Caryl Kane says:

    The Butterfly and the Violin and A Sparrow in Terezin by Kristy Cambron are hangover books for me.

  6. Oh, those are on my very large “want to read” list!

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