Thoughtful Thursday with Bethany W.Turner

Thank you for taking some time out of your Thursday to join the conversation.  I was so delighted when Bethany W. Turner accepted my invitation to post today. The question I am asking myself, and my guests is this:

What has been dominating your thoughts lately?


What’s been dominating my thoughts lately?

Well, you know…the usual things. How am I going to manage things come autumn, when my husband and I will have one child starting high school, one starting middle school, and I’ll be adding my first CBA novel release to a full-time job and two part-time jobs? How do I manage things now? Do I manage things now? When am I going to find time to do laundry? At what point is it officially acceptable to leave all of your Christmas decorations out, because it’s almost time for them again?

Also, I’ve been wondering about the really important things…

Should I go to the Telluride Film Festival this year? Telluride is just about 75 miles up the mountain from here, and my family and I tend to quite often be in Telluride during the film festival…but that’s always been when we either don’t know or forget that it’s festival time. The first time it ever happened was 2002. I was about six months pregnant with my first child, and my parents were visiting from Kentucky. We took them to Telluride (just for general, gorgeous mountain town purposes) and it all seemed pretty normal, for the most part — lots of people, lots of gatherings, and we were ushered into a soirée. Okay, that doesn’t always happen. When I found myself rubbing shoulders (literally) with Salman Rushdie at an art gallery, we knew something was going on.

I had just seen Bridget Jones’s Diary (Maybe 12 times…who could say?) so I was quite certain it was Salman. I wanted nothing more than to go up to him and ask if he knew where the toilets were. (If you haven’t seen Bridget, never mind.) My mother, on the other hand, was somewhat concerned about the fact that the Iranian government still had a bounty on his head. Also, because of that whole bounty thing, she didn’t believe it could actually be him. I mean, he wasn’t going to just wander around in a public place with crowds of people, was he? Well, being of the opinion that not even the Iranian government was going to keep me from confirming I was in the presence of someone who had shared screen time with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, I set out to do some in-depth investigating. The investigation didn’t end up taking that long, or a lot of the private eye skills I picked up by watching a lot of Moonlighting back in the day, since the man who lived in constant threat of assassination was wearing a badge which said, “Hello, my name is Salman.” Once that was confirmed, my mother refused to get in the same ski gondola with him. You know…just in case.

Anyway…since then, my experience with the Telluride Film Festival has just gotten worse. There was the year I fought my way to the front of a crowd of women so that I could catch the sight of a door closing just after George Clooney walked through it. There was the time we were walking down the street and overheard, “Colin Firth was here earlier today.” And then the year that I found a newspaper in a recycle bin, talking about how Robert Redford had been honored there the day before.

For the record, those three men — Clooney, Firth and Redford — are my three favorite celebrity men of all time, and not one of those years had we traveled to Telluride with knowledge that the film festival was occurring at the time. And I know…they’re all pretty high profile actors, and lots of people like them, but you don’t understand! Ask anyone who knows me and they will confirm that I am a card-carrying fan girl. And I just happened to be there when they just happened to be there.

This year, the Telluride Film Festival is actually on my radar. My husband and I have discussed the possibility of actually getting tickets, and my husband is going to look into getting a media pass. (Because he’s in the media. Not just because he thought it was worth a try…) But if we go, won’t I be disappointed? No matter who is there, it probably won’t be Colin Firth. And if it isn’t Colin Firth, should I even bother? Should I take my chances on actually planning to go, in which case I will almost certainly be present for a David Hasselhoff premiere, or a Lorenzo Lamas lifetime achievement award?

Is that a chance I’m willing to take?


Thank you Bethany!

What do you think? What would you do if you met Colin Firth or some other such movie-ish celebrity?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, comment below

Bethany W. Turner  is the Director of Administration for Rock Springs Church in Southwest Colorado. A former VP/operations manager of a commercial bank and a three-time cancer survivor, all before she turned 35, Bethany knows that when God has plans for your life, it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say. Because of that, she’s chosen to follow His call to write. She lives with her husband and their two sons near the Four Corners, where she writes for a new generation of readers who crave fiction that tackles the thorny issues of life with humor and insight. Her debut novel for the CBA, a Christian romantic comedy entitled The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck, will be published by Revell in October of 2017. (PRE-ORDER HERE)

The Secret Life of Sarah HollenbeckRelease Date: October 3, 2017 by Revell

Steamy romance writer Sarah Hollenbeck’s career is at its peak, but reconciling her writing with her newfound faith proves more difficult than she imagined–and falling for her pastor doesn’t make things any easier.

Cover reveal still to come…

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Melony Teague is a freelance writer who believes everyone has a story to tell and each story is unique and sometimes wilder than fiction. She loves to uncover the good news in society and writes human interest and community pieces. As co-author of As the Ink Flows, she loves to inspire and motivate others through her written words. In her spare time she reviews books and interviews authors. These reviews can be found right here on her website. Melony Teague was born in South Africa and immigrated to Canada. She now lives in Toronto with her husband and their two children.



8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday with Bethany W.Turner”

  1. Rachel D says:

    Oh boy! That sounds exciting!!! I can’t wait to hear the stories. If I met Colin, I would probably have a similar reaction to when I met Jen Turano!

  2. hahahahahaha!!! Hilarious thoughts

  3. I know, and you know how much I love Colin as Mr. Darcy!

  4. Oh my goodness! Yes!

  5. Beth Erin says:

    Oh this is so fun! I want to meet Colin Firth! Sign me up 😉

  6. Mikal says:

    So Bethany…if you go, send me an invite, wouldja? Because I would DIE if I met Colin O’Donoghue. I think he’s probably the only star I would get tongue-tied over. But, I mean, it’s COLIN O’DONOGHUE. #Idie

  7. Open invite to all! Let’s go to the film festival and you can all crash at my place. (Unless Oprah invites you to stay with her in Telluride, of course. That’s probably the better offer.)

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