Sandra Talks about Over Maya Dead Body

Welcome to author Sandra Orchard!

Today we chat about her Serena Jones series, but more particularly, the latest release, Over Maya Dead Body.

Q: Did you know who would win Serena’s heart? Or did that surprise you? When did you know?
Sandra: No, I had no idea who would win Serena’s heart, because I invited readers to vote for the lucky guy, and … A Fool and His Monet didn’t release until 12 weeks before the manuscript for this book was due! Of course, I was slanting the story toward the guy I thought readers would pick, but they surprised me when at four weeks before my deadline I looked at the tally and found the majority didn’t vote for who I’d expected.

Q: Which scene in Over Maya Dead Body gave you the most trouble?
Sandra: The final scenes, because I really didn’t want to end the series. I’d hoped it might be extended by another book or two.

Q: Are there any more books in the Serena Jones series?
Sandra: Not at the moment. However, many readers are asking me to write more Serena books, perhaps a spinoff series. So…I’m staying open to possibilities.


Thank you Sandra, who else wants to see more Serena Jones Mysteries?





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