Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat 2017 Recap

I’m back from Cincinatti where I attended #CFRR2017 along with 140 other people, readers, bloggers and authors. All with one thing in common, well, two things really…..and one of the highlights was the panel I moderated. (Book Boyfriends)
To get a sneak peek into what happened, read on. I’m doing a short recap.


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The Two of Us by Victoria Bylin

You know when you admire an author’s books and you just never get to read said author’s books until….one day….one arrives in the mail and you do a happy dance and drop everything you have been doing to read it and finish it in less than a day! Yep, that happened.

Victoria Bylin’s latest release is coming out soon! And for those who love books that deal with real life issues, have a peek at my review.

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Over Maya Dead Body by Sandra Orchard

I first heard about Sandra Orchard when I read Deadly Devotion. (She even signed our church copy for me.)

I was delighted to read this book, Over Maya Dead Body What a great weekend read! And let me just say, I did not see the end coming!

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Sandra Talks about Over Maya Dead Body

If you have not yet read Over Maya Dead Body by Sandra Orchard, then what are you waiting for? Mystery and mayhem, just what I love. In this interview, Sandra talks about how it ended and what was the hardest scene for her to write! Interesting stuff.

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Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery

The latest women’s fiction release is now out by Jennifer Slattery and you are not going to want to miss this one. The title is perfect: Healing Love. Why shouldn’t you miss this one, you ask? For many reasons, but mostly, because it will touch your heart profoundly. It did mine and I still think of these characters even now, weeks after I first read it. This one really tests your compassion meter, and I doubt you can read this book without being changed.

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Thoughtful Thursday in Summer with Jennifer Slattery

Today I welcome my special guest Jennifer Slattery to Thoughtful Thursday.

As I always do, the question I ask my guests is: What has been dominating your thoughts lately? So welcome to a summer edition of Thoughtful Thursday and find out what is on Jennifer’s mind, or rather, what is NOT on it.

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The Space Between Words by Michele Phoenix

The Space Between Words was not at all what I expected, it surpassed my expectations by a mile. Michele Phoenix effortlessly had me glued to the pages, devouring each word. What a masterpiece.

Watch for the release coming September 2017. In the meantime…

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Kate Breslin talks about As High as the Heavens

Today I welcome the delightful and super elegant Katie Breslin to talk about her latest release, As High as the Heavens.
Have you seen this stunning cover? What a delightful page turner, and in today’s interview she talks about how the story came together and what is next for her.


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As High As The Heavens by Kate Breslin

If you have never read a Kate Breslin book As High As The Heavens then STOP what you are doing right now! PSA! (You can thank me later.)

Her latest is a page turner: A British nurse in WWI German-occupied Brussels, Evelyn Marche spends her days at the hospital and her nights working at a café . . . or so it seems.

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Have you heard about HopeTV?

Well, this is a first. I have never reviewed a TV station before, but here I am. I had first heard about HopeTV (…the Nation’s Faith Station) on my local Christian Radio station (Life100.3) so when I got the chance to review it, I jumped at the opportunity. Putting faces to the voices I hear on my radio was kinda fun. (Oh so THAT is what Charles Stanely looks like.)
If you are looking to supplement the crazy summer schedule a selection of programs to feed your spirit, look no further. Here’s what I thought about HOPETV

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