One Dominion, Celebrating Canada – Prepared for a Purpose


One Dominion, Celebrating Canada – Prepared for a Purpose by Paul Richardson and Bob Beasley is a wonderful addition to any coffee table as we prepare to celebrate Canada’s 150th! The beautiful, bold pictures and interesting text make this a must-have for all immigrants wanting to know the history of our wonderful land. The book is a beautiful 12×10 inch, 96 page, colour book.

What I enjoyed most was finding out about those men and women behind the infrastructure of this wonderful country, those who founded educational institutions and those who stood up for human rights. These were men and women that were moved by compassion to make a difference and that difference is still being felt by us today.

This book is a tool to inspire future generations to do the same, motivated by love and compassion and a higher calling.

 “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.” (Psalm 72:8 KJV)


Releasing just in time for Canada Day, One Dominion outlines Canadian Christian history from John Cabot raising the cross on Canadian shores in 1497 to this year’s celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

One Dominion invites readers into an exploratory journey through Canada’s history, highlighting key moments of faith and Christian influence, from the founding of educational institutions and hospitals, to the creation of countless
charitable organizations and architectural masterpieces. With inspiring accounts of individuals who founded our country upon the Living Word of God, One Dominion helps readers uncover a deeper understanding of Canada’s foundations and futures, through Scripture and the tests of faith passed by those who have gone before.

In this carefully crafted book, Paul Richardson, President of Bible League Canada, and Bob Beasley, Vice President of International Ministry at Bible League Canada, identify Canada’s purpose and mandate as a nation, as inscribed on the Peace Tower of Parliament Hill: “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.” (Psalm 72:8 KJV) Through stunning photography and enthralling historical accounts, this book is designed to instill confidence and hope in the Christians of Canada and encourage them to steward well the resources, opportunities, and peace with which this country has been blessed. Richardson encourages, “Canadians have much to be thankful for, past, present, and future, and much to steward well, both at home and for the benefit of other countries. This is a great reminder of just that.”

With an eye to the future, Bible League Canada has committed to helping Christians not forget how deeply Canadian culture, education, government, and institutions are rooted in a Bible-based worldview, to the glory of God. As Richardson and Beasley commission readers to remember, “When Canada was first formed as a nation, we received our national mandate to see God have dominion from sea to sea. By every account, we are a blessed Nation. We are blessed for a purpose and that is our international mandate: to see God have dominion to the ends of the earth.”

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Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson is a follower of Jesus Christ and a passionate Canadian. As the President of Bible League Canada (BLC), Paul Richardson leads a team of Canadians that, through partners, train, resource and equip Christians in more than 40 nations to reach their people with the Living Word of God. Through his work with BLC, Paul’s extensive travels give him a front row seat on some of God’s activity around the globe. Prior to leading BLC, Paul led another national charity, and spent 20 years pastoring in Ontario churches, including planting one with his lifetime partner, and closest friend, Dale. With his
enthusiasm for God’s Word, love for people from all nations, and demonstrated willingness to take risks that require faith, Paul is an inspiring speaker. Paul and his wife Dale live in Niagara, Ontario and have four adult sons, one grandchild, and two Shih Tzu’s.





Bob Beasley

Bob Beasley is a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, dad and grandfather. Since March 2011, he has been Vice-President of International Ministry for Bible League Canada. He was a teacher before entering full-time ministry in 1981. Bob has pastored churches, led youth ministry, directed camping programs and produced radio programs. Since 2003 has produced Words from the Heart, a daily radio program and podcast. He lives in Chatham, Ontario with his wife Wendy. Together they have three happily married sons and four grandchildren.


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