Happy New Year 2015!

This morning at Starbucks we were talking about New Year’s Resolutions and I got to thinking about mine.

This year is the first year I have not, “started another diet or detox” – Rather my resolution was this:

  • To laugh more.
  • To spend more time enjoying life and stressing less.
  • To do my best to lessen the stress that my family have to deal with everyday by taking time to laugh and be together.
  • To be positive and optimistic about life in general.
  • To reject negativity and fear.
  • To keep my mind and heart focused on the good in life and Him who has given me each day.

And ultimately these things will help make our family healthier and happier.

When I look back on where I was last year, I had just come out of a very difficult time of disappointment and trial in my professional life. (There are some nasty people in this world.)

Now, a year later, I marvel at how God has been faithful to restore me and bless me beyond what I ever imagined and I am so grateful.

I look forward to another year of telling people’s stories, writing their biographies and spreading some good news, rather than the negative, bad things that hit the headlines so often.

As we walk through this year ahead together, let’s do our best to be nice, kind and compassionate towards one another….starting with yourself.

Who is in?

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