Don’t Go It Alone

I have been writing a monthly article for a newsletter for a few years now, and thought that it is about time that I started sharing some of these pieces online. Presently they are only available in on request.

This month, in the From Our House to Your House Newsletter I wrote about the importance of community and friendship. We need one another, at least that is what I have found in my own personal experience.

Are you someone who likes to make it on their own? Do you accept support from others? Do you let them in, so to speak? Do you enjoy supporting and encouraging others? I used my writer’s group as an illustration to bring across some important points. I hope you enjoy it and find some inspiration between the lines.

I want to share this months’ Back Porch Visit (found on the back page of the Newsletter with you.) Please click on the link! Download a copy of Back Porch Visitor

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One thought on “Don’t Go It Alone”

  1. Carol Ford says:

    Melony, I always enjoy your writing and insights. We know from our writers’ group how beneficial it is to support and prompt one another to stretch and grow. Well done.

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