Thoughtful Thursday in Summer with Jennifer Slattery

Today I welcome my special guest Jennifer Slattery to Thoughtful Thursday.

As I always do, the question I ask my guests is: What has been dominating your thoughts lately? So welcome to a summer edition of Thoughtful Thursday and find out what is on Jennifer’s mind, or rather, what is NOT on it.

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Thoughtful Thursday – March 30

How did it get to be Thursday already? Today’s blog turned out to be completely different to what I thought it was going to be about when I sat down to write it. Today I talk about one pivotal decision that had a domino affect on my life and I want to celebrate it!

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Thoughtful Thursday with Pepper Basham

Yes, it is the first Thursday of Spring! Whoo hoo! I am looking forward to some green and some sunshine! Who is with me? Today I have a lovely guest with me who is always a ray of sunshine to me! Pepper Basham is here as my guest today, she is an author and a mom, and so much more!

As always, the question I ask my guests is: What has been dominating your thoughts lately? Her honest and transparent post will encourage you and hey, she has a new book (which is awesome! Trust me) coming out soon! Very SOON!


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Thoughtful Thursday with Mikal Dawn

Today I am excited to have my friend, and fellow author, Mikal Dawn here to celebrate her new release coming out in MAY and it is particularly fun because I chose the title for the book! (I threw out some title suggestions, and they picked mine!!!!!) Today she is here to share her thoughts on Thoughtful Thursday and I really know that some of you will really resonate with her post today.

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Thoughtful Thursday with Meez Carrie

It’s Thursday again! How did that happen? It was Family Day here on Monday, so it kind of snuck up on me.

What a great honour to have with me today my dear friend Carrie Schmidt, otherwise known as Meez Carrie from I met her in real life in Nashville while attending the CFRR 2016 (Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat) The question I am asking myself, and my guests is this: What has been dominating your thoughts lately?
Well, I did ask, and so she did reply, and Zuzu makes an appearance too.

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Thoughtful Thursday with Bethany W.Turner

Today’s Thoughtful Thursday guest is author Bethany Turner. Although posts in the past have been somewhat serious, this one is the most serious of all. I mean there are some big names in this thoughtfulness. (Colin Firth to name a few) Head on over and join the conversation, tell us what you would do?

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