Jill Lynn talks about Her Texas Cowboy

I am so delighted to have Jill Lynn here to talk about her latest for Love Inspired. I loved this book and you can read my review to find out why, but I had some burning questions about the book that I just had to know. So I asked. ( I am nosy that way) and Jill is so sweet, she answered them all!

Her Texas Cowboy comes out in May, 2018! So watch out for it, in the meantime, check out the Q & A


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Carla Laureano talks about The Saturday Night Supper Club

It will not be long now before The Saturday Night Supper Clubhits shelves and I am so excited~! I just had to get the inside scoop and so thankfully Carla Laureano agreed to answer my burning questions. I have read this book from cover to cover and will be reading it again when I get my little hands on a print copy, it is THAT GOOD folks. Find out more in my Q & A with Carla Laureano.

Interview with Carla

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Bethany Turner talks about The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck

THE SECRET LIFE OF SARAH HOLLENBECK IS OUT! YAY~! and to celebrate I have the lovely Bethany Turner here to answer some questions that, well, that I NEEDED to know, and I thought you might like to know too. Seriously, I cannot wait to see what Bethany comes up with next if this first book is anything to go by.


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Sandra Talks about Over Maya Dead Body

If you have not yet read Over Maya Dead Body by Sandra Orchard, then what are you waiting for? Mystery and mayhem, just what I love. In this interview, Sandra talks about how it ended and what was the hardest scene for her to write! Interesting stuff.

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Kate Breslin talks about As High as the Heavens

Today I welcome the delightful and super elegant Katie Breslin to talk about her latest release, As High as the Heavens.
Have you seen this stunning cover? What a delightful page turner, and in today’s interview she talks about how the story came together and what is next for her.


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The Last Summer Excerpt and Giveaway

Summer is here and so is The Last Summer by Brandy Bruce. As part of the Brandy Bruce Blog tour, there is a lot going on in this post so I want to make sure you don’t miss anything. There is a giveaway, and excerpt and other fun stuff. So welcome to my humble blog, let’s jump in.

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Sara Ella Talks about Unraveling

Sara Ella is the author of Unblemished, book one of the Unblemished Trilogy. Once upon a time, Sara dreamed she would marry a prince and live in a castle, and she did work for Disney! And today she is right here, on my blog (still pinching myself!) and I am so excited. (Can you tell?)

Kicking off the Thomas Nelson’s Young Adult Summer of 2017 Feature on the Just Commonly Blog tour Sara is right here to talk all things Unraveling – which is book 2 of the Unblemished Trilogy.

Let’s Jump in shall we, come meet Sara

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Sarah Monzon talks about All Of You

I am delighted to have Sarah Monzon as a guest today. Her new book All of You releases tomorrow and she is talking about the book and the characters.
I have read the book and I loved it, and it showcased an interesting and unique perspective of a pilot’s life, both now and in years gone by. Pop by and see what I mean.

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Mikal Dawn Talks About Count Me In

Mikal Dawn is an inspirational romance author, wedding enthusiast, and proud military wife. I am absolutely delighted to have author Mikal Dawn as my guest today! Her book releases on May 16th, and you can pre-order it right now! I spent the weekend away and read her book while I was gone and it was a wonderfully relaxing time, until I caught myself praying for the characters. Today Mikal is here to talk about her latest release and answer this curious book reviewer’s questions.

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