Thoughtful Thursday – March 30

How did it get to be Thursday already? It was just last week when I had my lovely guest Pepper Basham on here sharing her thoughts.

This week, you are going to hear my thoughts! I had a whole long DEEEEEP profound post I was going to write, but then I thought. “ya know what…I am going to leave that for another day and rather focus on celebrating something good!”

So here I am, celebrating something great. So as per usual for Thoughtful Thursday  the question is this:

What has been dominating your thoughts lately?

I am so glad you asked (hehe!) because Sat, April 1st,  is a very special day for me and I have been thinking about the journey, and thinking about all the blessings I have experienced on the way. All of them because of ONE SINGLE decision…which led to another, which lead to another, which led to me so utterly grateful, that as I type this, I have tears in my eyes and a full heart.

Have the last 5 years all been sunshine and roses? Er…no! But every second has been worth it, and I know that this is what I have been called to do.

Tomorrow marks the one year birthday of our book and I am beyond excited! It is a celebration of our book, As the Ink Flows: Devotions to Inspire Christian Writers & Speakers, and it is a celebration of all that God has done through our book, because of our book, and for me.


You see, it is only in looking back that I can join the dots and see God’s hand all the way though. It gives me hope for the future,and so let me take you along with me….and let’s celebrate the stepping stones together.

In 2012 our writer’s group, Friends in the Word was formed. Why did I join? Because I wanted to be a writer and an author. This decision has opened doors that I would NEVER have imagined.

April 1, 2016 our book was published and in the process I made so many great connections and friends. Most of them I had never met in person. Well, CFRR 2016 (in Nashville ya’ll!) changed that. Now I look forward to CFRR 2017 (in Cincinnati!!) where I will meet even more of these precious people face to face.

My circle has expanded and with it my heart. I love my readers, my author friends, my writer’s group, my quirky and hilarious blogger/reviewer buddies and my amazing publisher.

None of these would have been a part of my life had I not taken that step way back in 2012.

Celebrating one year book birthday of As the Ink Flows

I have so much to be grateful for and to celebrate, and our book has traveled further than I could ever imagine! USA, South Africa, Spain. And those are just the counties I am aware of.

What a journey.

Thank you to every single one who has been a part of it!

Your turn:

Have you ever made a decision that had a domino effect on your life? Let me know about it.


Melony Teague is a freelance writer who believes everyone has a story to tell and each story is unique and sometimes wilder than fiction. She loves to uncover the good news in society and writes human interest and community pieces. As co-author of As the Ink Flows, she loves to inspire and motivate others through her written words. In her spare time she reviews books and interviews authors. These reviews can be found right here on her website. Melony Teague was born in South Africa and immigrated to Canada. She now lives in Toronto with her husband and their two children and two cats.

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As the Ink Flows is a devotional by writers for writers, integrating the craft of working with words with the faith of people of the Word to deepen, sustain, and expand ministry in the world. This collection of 90 devotions features a focus Scripture, a brief meditation on the text and the writing experience, and a prompt for personal reflection and creative response. Written by five members of a Christian writers’ group,As the Ink Flows offers inspiration and encouragement for writers and speakers who want to connect their convictions and their craft for the glory of God and the equipping of God’s people. Published by Judson Press, April 1, 2016.


6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – March 30”

  1. Andrea Stephens says:

    One thing I did that had a domino effect on my life was the purchase of my Kindle six years ago. My husband was very ill at the time and I knew that our lives were going to be forever changed. I’ve always loved reading and read all the time but with the Kindle, I was able to escape into other genres and time periods I would not have picked up before. I also found so many new to me authors. I began following some of them on Facebook, then I began following some book bloggers. I started leaving reviews for books. I found great book parties of Facebook, I won a few books. I was lucky enough to get on a few promo teams for some of my favorite authors. More importantly, I met new friends. I consider a few people very good friends now even though we’ve never met in person. Like you, I will get to meet some of them at CFRR in Cincy this summer! I can’t wait!
    Because of that Kindle, a whole new book world opened up to me that was filled with a whole bunch of wonderful people.

  2. Wow Andrea, that is an amazing story! So happy for you!

  3. Happy Book-iversary, my dear friend!!

  4. Sope Chiadika says:

    Dear Melony, a successful stride indeed! So happy for you! Happy One Year Book Anniversary to you and team…Praise God! The best is yet to come!

  5. Thank you so much Sope!

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