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Melony Teague is a Freelance Writer, Ghost writer and Columnist.

“I was born in South Africa and stepped onto a plane to bring me to a new life in Toronto, Canada in 1999 and have not looked back. It took me 38 years to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up. Now I love what I do and do what I love. I uncover stories hiding in plain view, but they are remarkable nonetheless. I believe that everyone has a story to tell…and sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. These are the things I write about.”  Learn more

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Jilted by Varina Denman

Varina Denman is author of the Mended Hearts series and a native Texan. What a wonderful and fitting finish to the Mended Hearts series. In this drama/romance, a somewhat awkward at first, romance, there is also an element of mystery. Secrets and lies, history that lies hidden, buried, both literally and metaphorically. Varina has done a wonderful job portraying these characters in a real and gritty way, and you can

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Varina Denman talks about Jilted

Varina is Author of the Mended Hearts Series. The first book, Jaded, a winner of the ACFW Genesis Award. Varina Denman is a native Texan. She spent her high school years in a rural town and now writes stories about the struggles women face in similar small town settings. She and her husband live near Fort Worth, where they enjoy spending time with their five mostly grown children. I am excited to welcome Varina and to chat about her Mended Hearts Series ( Jaded just won the Inspy Award in the Debut Fiction category! She talks about her inspiration and what she is working on next.

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Jill Lynn Talks About Her Texas Family

So excited to have Jill Lynn here today answering questions about herLove Inspired novel, and enter to win a copy.

Jill Lynn Buteyn is a co-author of Just Show Up with the late Kara Tippetts, and an author of inspirational romance (as Jill Lynn). Her latest release, Her Texas Family, is available now. Jill lives near the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband and two children. She’s a fan of laughter, thrift stores, boots and chocolate. Find out what all her parent friends know about her, something she warns her kids’ teachers about.

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Her Texas Family by Jill Lynn

Occasionally I just want a really fun, quick (and swoony) read. I am quite picky about which Love Inspired books I read. I had seen the cover floating around the internet, so it did already catch my beady book eyes, but let me just say, I fell in love with Lucy Grayson almost immediately. I mean, who doesn’t love a girl who is not afraid to climb trees (heels and all)? The reason for the tree climb, to find a cell phone signal, now tell me who hasn’t done that before? Jill Lynn’s Her Texas Family is the perfect summer read, and you can read the full interview to find out why.

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Jody Hedlund

Jody Hedlund is here folks! We are celebrating her latest release, Forever Safe. In a rare interview she tells me all about her habits and quirks. Can you guess which musical she knows off by heart?

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Forever Safe by Jody Hedlund

After reading (and reviewing) Undaunted Hope, by Jody Hedlund I was mistaken in thinking that Tessa’s story was had the most enjoyable characters, and may I say, the most loveable. I was put in my place when I read Forever Safe. Jody’s latest in the Beacons of Hope series is my new best favourite of the series so far and I will tell you exactly why.

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In Light of my Last post

What do you do when you have a bad habit you are trying to kick? Everyone has one, or more than one and people tackle them in different ways. Some go cold turkey, some try to cut down on whatever it is that they are trying to eliminate. Either way, realizing you have a problem is the first step. I’m dealing with one right now and any advice would be appreciated. (Only serious advice accepted)

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Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham

Pepper Basham’s Twist of Faith had been on my “to be read” list for a while, especially since I had heard about this book and wondered what all the fuss was about…

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